North a number of livelihood issues to enhance the happiness index

"The development of urban agriculture, to build industrial park construction, speeding up urban construction, urban agriculture, doing fine" to create a new urban landscape more livable, improve the residents’ happiness index, the second half of this year, North District will run from the six aspects of livelihood, peace building new district.Build key projects:

– around agriculture, industrial park construction, area transformation and industrial upgrading and other fields, especially in the automotive trade service center, SME Park, shantytowns, village building, University City comprehensive service construction projects, ensure the completion of the annual task of 5 billion 100 million yuan.To speed up the pace of

– promote the development of service industry in China is: relying on the times square, Ningrui River, Chaoyang City Huimin project investment and Menyuan Road area transformation, further support the development of electronic commerce, information services, financial, cultural and creative new industry, to build the bridge business district as the core of modern commercial circulation circle.

– to speed up the process of Urbanization: promote the stone Lei, Tao Xin and North Tao Jiazhai, apricot village four village building, the implementation of phase four, Chaoyang Village Temple Tai Zi Cun phase two of the new village construction started to invest 20 million yuan in Beichuan river of new rural community projects, to build a modern new community atmosphere, and distinctive cultural memory.

– build landscape ecological city: to accelerate the implementation of the North Riverside Road, Riverside Road, Beichuan West Road West 6 convenient road planning, through Qilian road and Qaidam road along the 9 broken road, Qilian road and sidewalk installation Ning Zhang road guardrail roadway. Around the District, streets and alleys, to create ten minutes green circle, the implementation of Chaoyang Park to upgrade the project.

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