Eastern civil legal campaign opened the curtain

meet the immediate interests of the problem, how to pick up the legal weapons to deal with correctly? What happens to children in adolescence, how to "friends" education methods, so that they avoid going astray? Disputes arise between neighbors, how to resolve…… In July 4th, East District launched universal legal propaganda activities, consisting of 12 staff members of Chengdong District Judicial Bureau, Public Security Bureau, the court and the procuratorate of the legal publicity and education team, at the same time in the East District of Cao village, the village primary school, woods Lane Community eight base point lecture, let the masses through the side of the examples. Learn how to correctly use the law to safeguard their own interests. The event will have nearly a hundred legal courses in various communities, villages and towns and schools, units, etc..

the same day, the first session of the Legislative Council held in the village of Cao Village conference hall, so that the villagers came to listen to the merchants and harvest a lot. Chengdong District Public Security Bureau preachers, through the understanding of the situation in Cao village, in fact around them as an example, the relevant laws and regulations and easy to explain and relocation, debt disputes, equity and other aspects of the identification. Vivid explanation, so many villagers stand up and talk to the preacher, how to deal with the problem occurred in their body. The other end, in the international village primary school, the school before the summer vacation opportunity, opened a large parent meeting, invited East District procuratorate preachers, telling examples of crime prevention in children are more concerned about some of the parents. Often talked about the wonderful place, parents have responded with warm applause.

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, in order to promote the "65" legal work in depth, from July 3rd to 18, East District will carry out a universal propaganda activities in the region, to enhance the ability of the cadres according to law, in accordance with the law, and enhance the legal awareness of the masses, so that we understand the law, law-abiding, usage. Preaching activities will be in various communities, villages, communities, economic and trade markets, property companies and other places, in a variety of forms, preaching and daily work and life related laws and regulations. In addition, the east area of legal publicity will also organize volunteer service teams in the crowded area, through the establishment of a legal advisory, free legal information, organize theatrical performances, enhance the ability of legal concepts, people’s legal consciousness, according to law, make known to every family, All the world knows. (author: Zhou Jianping)

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