How to open a store of honey net

When it comes to honey,

has been loved by millions of people. After all, it is not only delicious, but more importantly, nutrition and health. Moreover, people are now increasingly aware of the importance of health, bee products are natural and affordable health care products. A friend asked, how to open a honey store? Today Xiaobian compiled the relevant information to share with you, welcome to read.

What does

need to open a honey store

is China bee product export country, people grow with each passing day on bee products demand, but the market is flooded with fake honey, everyone on the quality of honey has a very deep doubt, and opened a professional store honey, also became a good entrepreneurial project.

do bee product threshold is not very high, looking for a history and reputation of the Brand Company to join, the risk is relatively small. Moreover, this product is a customer of both men and women, consumer groups.

honey store location:

based on densely populated communities or commercial outlets within the District, close to the residents living.

sales innovation:

The unified

health care consumption and fashion consumption, health is the first, but in product innovation, the development of different consumer tastes the product, such as sugar free, low-fat diet type, type, type, type and other health care of children of different nutritional needs.

at the same time, to meet in the fashion life, for example: the family launched the "family portrait" honey, for women launched "beauty" honey, honey "lose weight", for the new launch of the "wedding" honey, launched the "health" for gifts of honey etc.. The freshness of the product, green, visible, can do a lot of articles in the preservation.

all the community life, bee products store as part of a community health diet, to participate in the community management, such as the establishment of love box, charity help, health classes, community children’s science, practical DIY.

sales experience:

opened in the community of honey shops, mainly rely on a certain amount of repeat customers.

must pay attention to the community of buyers, not only said that the benefits of the product, do not exaggerate the role of products, they would like to treat their loved ones, because they can store not only bring long-term profits, as well as their credit and product quality assurance. They usually let the old customer contact information, the old customer telephone order, they will direct door-to-door. They also timely to the products of preferential activities with text messages, telephone and other means to tell customers.


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