Retail customers need to find business opportunities

It is a fact that

is not a good business now, but if we are good at discovering business opportunities, it will be of great benefit to our business. In daily operations, we often hear some retail customers complain that the market competition is fierce, business difficult to do. In particular, a number of small and medium retail customers, and large supermarkets and shopping malls in the competition, always feel that they can not find a breakthrough to enhance the level of profitability, fear that one day will be eaten by a huge competitor.

the reason for such situation is mainly some of our retail customers in the daily operation, blindly emphasize objective, wait for customers to come, not good to find business opportunities and seek business opportunities, lead to the hand lay a good sales opportunities slip away, lost in vain. In fact, under the market economy, business opportunities everywhere. Especially in recent years, with the rapid development of social economy, people’s income is increasing, people’s consumption demand is becoming more and more diversified and fashionable. There is demand, there are opportunities. Business opportunities as hidden in the underground mineral resources, to see if you have found it in the eye, there is no ability to seize it.

Japan’s two shoe factories, a salesman to sell shoes on an island in the Pacific ocean. The island is located in the tropics, the residents of the four seasons are barefoot, can not find a person wearing shoes. A shoe salesman was very disappointed to the factory took a "no market" message, second days back home. Another salesman saw the island no one is wearing shoes, exultation, also give a telegram: "there is a huge potential market, send 100 pairs of shoes".

the salesman in the days of waiting for shoes, and the residents of the island to make friends, shoes, a pair of 99 pairs of sandals were given to the island’s famous people and young people, his left a pair of wear. Because this shoe is not afraid of water, but also to protect the feet from insect bites and stone stab wounds, the island residents feel comfortable to wear. People who do not get shoes, envy. The salesman saw the opportunity to mature, from the factory shipped a large number of shoes, quickly sold out. A year later, the island residents all put on the shoes, the company created a huge business opportunities and wealth.

two salesman, two kinds of vision, the two approach, the outcome of the two to tell people that business lies in the unique eye. The inhabitants of the island never wear shoes for shoe salesman, there are two possibilities: one is the shoes sold, there is no market; the other one is to change the habits of people do not wear shoes to wear shoes, induction, the market potential is great.

in the case of equal opportunity, two salesmen made two diametrically opposed judgments, took the opposite choice, there are two different results. A nothing, a company for a pot of gold. Visible market opportunities, as in the clutter in the sand gold, with unusual vision field, is hard to find. Only those who have a clear mind, can get unlimited business opportunities.


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