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for the children can go to a good primary school, but now the parents have suffered, and now many schools are demanding more and more. Recently, Guangzhou, a private primary school admissions requirements, students’ parents’ education is more than a bachelor’s degree, which triggered widespread discussion users. March 6th afternoon, the reporter called the private elementary school, the staff said the school did have this provision, but has now canceled the restrictions. The school of Education Bureau of Guangzhou City, Panyu District Bureau of education office staff said, "ask the parents of the students is the bachelor degree in the provisions of non-compliance, requiring schools to immediately stop the propaganda behavior, and propose corrective measures.


private primary school education requirements for parents

recently, the netizen Slide Show broke the news that a Guangzhou private primary school enrollment period, show an electronic screen on the campus, the school enrolls only parents are parents of Bachelor degree or above". This provision, a wide range of users sparked widespread discussion.

users have expressed doubts: "obviously, there are errors on the display problem statement. A requirement of the parents of students is a bachelor’s degree above the school how this kind of low-level problems?"

users are more concerned about this provision itself: "this is a recruit students or parents? Parents’ education is not enough, their children will not be able to receive a better education?"

netizens believe that private schools have the right to recruit students, according to the number of schools to set a certain threshold is reasonable.

According to friends

screenshots provided, the official WeChat had a primary school recruit new notice said, in March 11th the school will be the student interview and payment, which would indicate the remarks, parents need bachelor degree or above, and please parents carry the graduation certificate and Bachelor degree or above, good degree certificate and Diploma verification.

yesterday afternoon, there are parents call admission conditions, the school staff said there is no requirement for the student’s parents education, the parents of the students can be the first to visit the school, understand the curriculum, students must be aged 6 years or more, meet these conditions, students can fill in the application form. This year, the school plans to recruit 200 people, the number of applicants to fill in the application form has exceeded this limit. But parents can sign up for an interview, the school will be given in accordance with the order of payment, first come first served."


local education authority said that this restriction is not compliance

3 6 pm, the reporter linked to the private elementary school, the staff admitted that the school recommended

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