Franchise industry to prevent pseudo franchise

is a personal business inevitably weak, many novice entrepreneurs have to join the franchise industry, so the industry chain bursting with popularity, become the hottest business model.

in April this year, CCTV publicly exposed 3 suspected fraud to join the investment site, entrepreneurs in the choice of franchise business become more cautious. "In May, the exhibition was also held by the indirect impact, but because of the ‘pseudo franchise’ can not commit crimes against the wind, and accordingly enhance the quality and level of the franchise exhibition."

in recognition of "pseudo franchise" projects, Han told reporters that entrepreneurs choose to join the project lack the most basic experience and the ability to identify, in fact, only a few can expose pseudo franchise "tricks, such as the chain brand management history, whether there is, how to own outlets, the business outlets in terms of contract and join the existence of defects, the franchisee support services etc..

although there are "pseudo franchise" phenomenon, there is no doubt that the franchise industry is developing rapidly, also can realize their own boss desire for many ordinary entrepreneurs. But the idea of a rich night and unrealistic, but will suffer unnecessary losses due to psychological problems. Often those chain brand "fraud" is suspected, is eager to seize the business success set, in the propaganda of the frequent use of "overnight", "easy money" and "exaggerated words earning large quantities of gold each day.".



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