From drug addicts to young entrepreneurs

venture without any restrictions, as long as there is a dream to action, although there is not a beautiful history, but also through the efforts to pursue a better life, entrepreneurship is the best choice to achieve the value of life.

2 24 in the morning, the reporters came to Lingwu City Haifeng sun color printing packing Limited company production line, the person in charge of the enterprise is Yang Haifeng inspection of product quality. Last year, the company’s new carton assembly line, the production of 5000 cartons a day. Just after the new year, there are several companies sent orders, we have to seize the time production." Speaking of this, Yang Haifeng’s face is full of confidence, it is hard to believe that he was a 8 year history of drug addicts".

2009 in July, in Lingwu City Public Security Bureau narcotics brigade police’s help, Yang Haifeng chose the methadone treatment, every day to Wuzhong City Center for Disease Control and prevention of methadone, from the first day a drink, then drink once a week, and then to drink once every two or three months. By the end of 2012, Yang Haifeng stop taking drugs, completely withdrawal addiction, to become a normal person.

2012, in Lingwu City UNODC and local straw Association, Yang Haifeng from the office of Hao Jia Qiao Zhen sun Haifeng STRAWBAG knitting factory. Lingwu City UNODC for the coordination site, Yang Haifeng purchased two nearly million weaving machine. That year, Yang Haifeng bought 350 acres of straw plant straw, straw for more than 7000, income 3 yuan.

2013, Yang Haifeng and expand solar installation business, attracting 5 community drug addicts (Kang Fu) personnel. In 2014, Lingwu City UNODC again helping Yang Haifeng, he will guide the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, by STRAWBAG knitting printing packing industry factory transformation and sustainable development. In March 2015, Lingwu City Haifeng sun color printing packaging Co. Ltd. of renewable resources recycling economy demonstration park venture opened in Lingwu City, Yang Haifeng bought more than 50 yuan advanced color printing packing production line, the Bank of Ningxia received 300 thousand yuan business support discount loans, and signed the Rongchang cashmere industry, fruit company and other large enterprises product orders.

in the days after, Yang Haifeng also wants to help others with similar experience and he recommended

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