Beijing rental season comes low rent innovation

prices in Beijing still can not stop the drift of enthusiasm, Beijing still has a lot of foreign accounts, so the rental demand is relatively strong. However, after the second half of July, Beijing residential rental prices fell, the market has entered the off-season. According to Albert I love my family group Market Research Institute of statistics, in October this year, Beijing region fell 15.4% through the I love my family to reach the residential leasing transaction volume over the same period in September, the monthly rental price chain fell 3% in September, 4446 yuan / sets the price has dropped to the lowest value since March.

rental market cooling

10 since late June, Ms. Wang has personally felt the housing rental market cooling. Ms. Wang now rented house is located between the East and the East Fourth Ring rings at the end of July this year, the beginning, Ms. Wang had planned to lease is about 5 months, but by mid October, Ms. Wang for personal reasons have sublet the idea. So they began looking for a home through a variety of channels. Half a month later, Ms. Wang will rent a fall, but still can not find the qiuzu.

number of intermediary agent told Ms. Wang, housing rent out, partly because the shorter term, more importantly, near the end of the year, customers plummeted, so even if the price is cheaper in the short term is difficult to rent out.

10 months, I love my family through the rental transactions, the average number of transactions per house was seen 14 times, an increase compared to September, indicating the availability of rental housing prices in the lower. The average number of transactions per customer showings for 2 times, the chain continues to increase, indicating that customers consider more cautious when renting. Two data show that the market continues to slow down the rhythm of the transaction, the market continues to cool the heat.

by the data before October of this year can be seen, Beijing rental market volume 4-7 month price rises continuously, 7-10 continued to decline, while another peak had appeared in March, the whole market is very obvious season distinction.

According to

statistics I love my family for nearly three years, comprehensive Quarterly Volume and price movements in Beijing rental market can be seen, a quarter of the year and the four quarter, especially in the fourth quarter, the rental market for the trough period, during this period due to a decrease in the demand for rental, the rental market turnover and average monthly rent will generally a slight decline; the two quarter and three quarter relatively is the rental market season, which covers the 3-4 month by Beijing job workers brought the spring and summer months by leasing peak 6-7 college graduates bring summer rental peak, in this period, especially during the two lease peak, rental demand concentrated the outbreak, the rental market turnover and average monthly rents generally rise significantly.

still has room for price cuts

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