Entrepreneurship gave her a different life

for newly graduated college students, looking for a job has become an inevitable choice for everyone. But in the face of repeated failures in Beijing interview Zhang Ting, but because of God for her to block the road of ordinary workers, and chose a more suitable way of life, that is entrepreneurship.

a, Zhang Ting was invited by a friend to dinner, a friend asked her to eat special snack — Take seafood to take food, spicy and seafood dishes to take to take Zhang Ting pleasantly surprised, she is the first time to eat such a unique flavor. To take food Zhang Ting very strange: "as Hot pot, but more convenient than Hot pot meal, the waiter sent up is finished, you can eat immediately, and don’t have to do it yourself; looked a bit like Malatang, but it is not spicy.


, but more than food for a start-up food lovers, especially a restaurant and catering to investment investors do not know it is difficult, the success rate is too small, but if you choose to take three to take food, all problems will no longer be a problem! Take three to take food after the founder many years of intensive research, all over the country for large and medium-sized city, with consumers and investors, the essence of catering above combination forefathers recipe, creating a unique taste and simple operation, the biggest advantage, in addition to reducing the cook, less smoke, less labor, when the boss assured.

let Zhang Ting surprise, take three to take food ingredients rich, nutritious, fresh meat, poultry, aquatic products, vegetables, fresh or dry mushrooms can take a wok, a clip, edible food, nutrients are not lost. Can eat fresh and delicious food, but also to drink nutritious soup, really delicious, nutritious and healthy.

with the help of friends, Zhang Ting contact with headquarters to take food at. A month later, Zhang Ting goes home to open the first home run three take food stores, many consumers are very curious, so every day into the store early adopters of people in a continuous line, the business is hot. Take three delicious convenient to take food, took the young family’s taste buds, most customers become repeat customers, so Zhang Ting to take three to take food through investment project success.

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