Entrepreneurship shop how to raise vigilance

as the saying goes, the heart can not be harmful to the people of the heart can not be, this sentence is not false, the key is how we go against people? In their hard way business hard work will inevitably encounter some "trap" let us count.

to leave for real

change type: this kind of scam chips in addition to the use of the store there is a store of compassion, the recognition ability of money (in the shop before, we must learn to distinguish the true from the false and careful degree, (I) story: a woman first took a counterfeit note 100 for a change, said 1, I thought he was to change to bus, think of themselves sometimes will go around a change, so I changed to him, the woman saw that I didn’t recognize fake money, he sent his associates in succession I successfully cheated 600 yuan [mainly recharge, damn! Of course), occurrence of such fraud, most should review myself, too careless, too sure of people (my friend said this is just from a common company out of the



type: the main push scam chip is steady and the ability to withstand pressure, fraud generally for various reasons as an excuse to urge you to come what, especially in the busy time, easy problems.

We should pay attention to anti

: cheat sympathyThis scam usually at

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