Do happy article to greet the new year

the weather is getting colder and colder, but also let us see the flavor is more and more strong. Now a lot of shopkeepers just because of the cold and lamented the bad business to do, in fact, if you can grasp the opportunity, even the cold weather, you can also make a lot of money shop. After entering the new year, "more and more concentrated flavor". It should be said that the "new year", "Happy New Year" is a traditional festival of the Chinese nation.

, the Chinese nation has a long history, profound cultural accumulation, especially some of the traditional culture has a rich historical background and content, today is still widely spread and carry forward. Among them, such as "New Year’s Eve", "Spring Festival" is full of festive flavor of the festival is to let people talk about, and increasingly strong. Therefore, it is recommended that retailers should take a good grasp of the "flavor" characteristics, do a happy article.

how to engage in retail sales for the year? In addition to the normal operation of the retail household goods, to buy a few "taste" and related products: such as the red lantern, is the rural characteristics in recent years every family built a new house, all love to hang red lanterns. Retailers can be as customers to buy tobacco and prizes to attract customers, stimulate customer consumption; and couplets, red, cut, can separate the sale, can also be used as prizes, gifts to customers.

there is a new appliance, such as glass, Hot pot; then the dried vegetables such as cooked peanuts, fungus, letinous edodes and so on; then think ahead for tobacco, to maintain adequate supply for consumers to purchase. Retail households for the annual taste to do festive articles, in fact, is a combination of seasonal characteristics, combined with the consumer market demand, consumer psychological needs, seize the idea, caught the core.

in fact, in practice, many retailers are able to account for these problems, but because of inconsiderate, not fully prepared, accustomed to the hasty, accustomed to the temporary plan, will often make their own missed some opportunities. Therefore, it is recommended to advance stocking, but must have a plan, thinking, in particular, to take into account the changes in the level of consumer spending, should not blindly disorder, but also avoid too conservative. According to the characteristics of big "festive" article is retailers "must do the business".

Lin Jinzhi said: "for retailers to" happy "flavor" article, I run for over 20 years has always insisted on doing so, let the "happy" with the shop, let customers make their hearts full of joy, never let their hearts, always full of joy, can well stimulate the desire to buy customers.

a lot of retail stores are aware of the store in the New Year approaching if you can make money to do a good job, but because many operators do not have the relevant experience, does not lead to such a good opportunity to miss. And although the little more than the introduction of small content, but I believe that the majority of retail stores will be helpful to the management of the store.


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