Baoji Shengfeng dairy chairman ziyishenwang is what reason

in the daily changing market, there are many uncertain factors in the development of enterprises, often face difficulties also can hardly be avoided. Shengfeng dairy as Baoji’s famous private enterprises, in the local reputation. However, the chairman of Baoji Shengfeng dairy is hanged, is what causes it?

5 month 25 days, Baoji Shengfeng dairy chairman right Tianlin hanged himself, he said to promote Baoji dairy industry bigger and stronger".

in Baoji, known as "little cow" yogurt carrying a generation of people’s memory, and this "little cow" from the San Feng dairy. But in recent years, but the plight of st..

Public Security Bureau:

suicide but suicide is unknown

5 on the evening of 30 August to June 1st, a finance official said: micro-blog local insider claimed, because urged the bank loans to push to tight, Shaanxi Shengfeng dairy mister right Tianlin have to go outside to borrow usury, while the bank promised the first loan again Xudai, but with usury also bank loans, banks have stopped loan. Push loan by the bank for a payday loan, because of high interest rates and push loan pressure, choose the right Tianlin Dutch act.

6 1 in the morning, the reporter learned from the Fufeng County Public Security Bureau confirmed that indeed the right Tianlin ziyishenwang. In late May 25th 8 pm, the Public Security Bureau received Shengfeng dairy staff alarm, said the right Tianlin day lost, after the family in the vicinity of Weihe Levee Road driving the vehicle and found the corpse.

Fufeng County Public Security Bureau, responsible person, the right Tianlin driving a Buick car trunk in a small bag, the family found a suicide note in the note inside, a total of 4 lines, 23 characters, content is: "farm to my life, a fundamental solution ADBC, I hurt you, the afterlife is reported." (the original text without punctuation)

"we can only determine the right Tianlin is hanged, but we do not know the reason Dutch act." The person in charge said.


San Feng dairy business difficulties

borrow at least 38 million yuan

, a local insider revealed to reporters, Shengfeng dairy is a private joint-stock enterprises, formerly Fufeng County town of West Village one day right home village enterprises "grain protein factory", in 1998 before and after the renovation is now Shengfeng dairy, the right is the director of Tianlin.

2000 years later, Sheng Feng dairy entered the stage of rapid development. In 2004, the right Tianlin became chairman of the board, until 2012 recommended

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