Good faith to stabilize the source shop

shop operating a variety of goods are looking for suppliers, the quality of goods, the owners are often not clear. Once the problem occurs, if the owners do not actively solve, I am afraid that the development of the store business will be very negative. So, if you want to stabilize the source of the shop, but also need to operate in good faith, there are problems in a timely manner to solve, so that the store will be the development of the business to be protected.

this morning I was making breakfast, a village to my shop to buy things aunt walked into the store, the hand also took a thing, the door said, "Wang, the day before yesterday to buy flour for you to sign? How to buy the food has been very good, but this is how to do well, you see, this is what I do, which can eat ah." "No, because I have three brands of flour, you want to share that before, I did not take the wrong. Do not good? No? Is not the face did not open you do?"

I saw her holding the blue and hard Steamed Buns said. " no, I have done so long steamed bread, hair did not open, I do not know, did not do a good job for the first time, I thought I was doing a good job, I will do a pot again, the results also." Because I have been selling flour, the quality can be guaranteed, listen to the aunt said so, I am not sure what is the reason.

I see sales records, this batch of flour into the day before yesterday, has sold 7 bags, because of all the village’s customers, 7 customers with memory recall this name, and to give them a call to ask, in addition to the two do not, the other five hostess reflect the quality as before.

knew, in order not to let this batch of flour affect the credibility of the store, I have a family to put the 7 bags of flour and back, although some customers say don’t change, can do to eat, but I still insist on holding back, both opened and unopened, every house to change to another brand, and promised no good will "recall".

pushed the flour to the store, met inside a resting people asked me why comes back, I don’t feel feel shy, with their explanations, and ridicule to say "don’t say that several bags of flour, as long as the quality problems, again big and expensive goods to" recall & quot the people of Japan; the MITSUBISHI Pajero because the brake pipe design flaws, quality problems arise, don’t call back? "Oh words attracted people stop laughing.

because my family’s small population, the store and sell Steamed Buns, often do not eat, can eat a bag of flour for a long time, so the quality of the new flour do not know, to see what it was, I had a Steamed Buns with the recall of flour, and when they feel sticky after a good steaming, etc., do better than before, not only.

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