Do you have a knack for starting a business in rural areas

is now a lot of people want to try very hard to invest, especially in rural entrepreneurship favored, because there are a lot of business opportunities in rural areas. As long as you can find the project, will be able to create a wealth. But also need to grasp the knack of starting a business in rural areas, so as to be able to get rich and worry free.

first move "taste"

second strokes "break"

in the store that specifically make a room, put a few tables and stools, free supply of boiling water, let the pedestrians in the shop to rest your feet of water, so that virtually enhance the communication with customers, so that customers feel good service, sincere, conveniently buy a few pieces of goods.

third "borrowed"

Fourth strokes "send"

send some small things to customers, such as convenient bags, toilet paper, lighters, sewing, although modest, but very practical, and can cater to the customers, to attract customers to patronize.


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