What procedures need to operate the lottery shop

The market prospects of

lottery industry, many entrepreneurs choose the lottery industry has great potential, now face the lottery market, we can see that people love to buy lottery tickets, bring huge opportunities for the business of lottery lottery shop, but business is not as simple as that, people need a certain procedures, management and development so as to better.

lottery shop, draws around the welfare lottery is also different, in some places is 4%, there is 7%, the highest in Shanghai City, is 7.2%, the national average is around 6%. Whether it’s running a sports lottery or a welfare lottery, it’s not like buying a lottery ticket. It must be understood that hard work is the first rule of getting rich.

because welfare lottery is a welfare lottery management center, so all around to sponsor more stringent requirements. Many cities are assigned by the local management departments, individual applicants need to belong to the county civil affairs departments to fill in the application form. Examination and approval of the surrounding environment and the flow of people, but also includes a formal distribution sites, etc.. After the investigation, if the right to sign a contract, after the final certificate issued by the training, that is, sales license, which means that the completion of a new lottery betting station. In the lottery betting station in the bid, for individual candidates around the competent authorities will give priority to urban poor households and laid-off workers.

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