Business is not to ignore the small profit Business

is now a lot of people want to make a lot of money to do business, some small businesses do not want to do. In fact, people will do business map. Never with a small profit, they know that "Taishan does not have dust, small Lei Cheng tall the truth. Merchants do not give up the meager profit, both the performance of its big fish small fish profitable ideas, but also to show its high operating skills. For the details of the not worth mentioning, they never hastily glossed over, not as for petty profits, because the benefit of small!

originally, Wal Mart founder Sam · Walton decided to create a discount store into the store, the implementation of profit reduction sales, many shareholders are not optimistic because of the exit. In fact, it is through the small profits and quick turnover and fertile from the United States to the world. Suning Appliance and Gome and other large commercial enterprises in our country, but also rely on the development of a foothold to profit to the country.

bit by bit from the start, Many a little make a mickle. Perhaps, when you carey grasp the details, to find the hidden mystery, may therefore find a turning point in the career of Tengda. Good at from the gap that others despised wealth, you may get an unexpected opportunity.

boss Lee do tobacco business has been ten years, expanding from the original less than ten square meters to fifty square meters of shop convenience store that development to now more than and 100 square meters of comprehensive supermarket, not only is his honesty, hospitality’s sake, but also thanks to him that people don’t tube business size, profit level, all. Never let it slip.

after the first store expansion, I went to her house, just met a customer checkout. I saw the customer with the goods to pay the price of a piece of inquiry, after asking this piece of less then 50 Fen pieces less. Lee boss was not the kind of person, no nonsense, they readily agreed to the requirements of the customer. Finally, after the discount goods together to add up to a total of one hundred and twenty-eight yuan.

the customer immediately said: "boss, one hundred and twenty-five got, you do not open such a large store of these three dollars." Lee boss shook his head, and then smiled and said: "look at you is a forthright person, OK, these things right when you take back, welcome to come back next time." Wait for her to send off the customer, I don’t understand ground to ask: "you this single work down to even bottle beverage money didn’t earn, is really blind."

did she smiled and said: "come to the shop to buy things people are near the area where I am now, the pace has not yet stand, as long as customers, even a little make my heart is sweet, better than sitting out of business is better, and that one has made a Steamed Buns money. Moreover, to earn a small amount of money is the basis for making a lot of money, a lot of millionaires are starting from scratch, are small business to earn a little money to become >

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