How to choose entrepreneurial projects based on venture capital

how to choose entrepreneurial projects? From a practical point of view, have to say the wallet. You take out the amount of venture capital can choose different entrepreneurial projects are also different, of course, the risks and future earnings will be different.

Theme: according to the number of division of venture capital venture project

80% of the entrepreneurs in the business are identified early entrepreneurial projects "headache" and "hard choices"; in the failure case, 60% of people think it is because the "venture right" or "wrong selection of entrepreneurial projects". The lack of entrepreneurial experience rookie how to choose entrepreneurship projects will not let their money to buy experience?

according to choose the number of appropriate project funds

1. want to venture capital (3-5 million):

can look for less money for entrepreneurial projects, such as city express, purchasing consignment, stall, use their resources and their advantages of both bridge (with other people’s money management), the use of the Spring Festival and other special festivals or fairs, small batch and multi cycle operation of small projects, such as: New Year paintings, the characteristics of Arts and crafts, fruits, and other specialty, the accumulation of capital and experience. The key lies in the accumulation stage, so entrepreneurs do not greedy big success.

2. has a small amount of money (about 100 thousand):

but family business needs to pay attention, do not blindly follow the trend, this kind of business shop great crowd, if not their own characteristics, not a competitive advantage, is soon to be eliminated. Take the food and beverage industry, the formation of catering services product features in a number of ways, such as the unique Logo new service content, the premise is the special snack food marketing strategy of tourist service based audience is strong.

3. has a certain amount of venture capital (500 thousand):

(1) can choose their own professional experience, interest and expertise can be linked to the project, it is easier to succeed, more likely to continue to accumulate and expand the scale. Gift shop, clothing stores, convenience stores can choose, the key to pay attention to this kind of traditional industries, low threshold, easy to copy, and therefore must pay attention to two key: store location + personal expertise.

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