Method of investing in snack food brand

in today’s society, many young people are more snacks is the love of food, especially on the market some tastes unique leisure food, more welcomed by people, so now the snack food industry if effective to expand the brand.

although leisure food prices are only a few dollars, but in the global brand snacks market has produced three sales reached $1 billion of the leisure food brand, Doritos, pleasure and pringles. In the leisure food market Chinese also cultivate, Oishi Lang, Wang Wang, Xu Fuji, – basketball, Qiaqia and many other well-known brands.

A, horses, strategy first

There are a lot of

two, do not lose at the starting line

often hear customers to ask questions such as: Kangshifu instant noodles from ice, ice, Black Tea Green Tea, fresh daily C, master 3 2, to the mineral water, almost is a product of a product, a brand of a successful brand, what is the reason? Fortunately, I have the honor of Kangshifu mineral water, iced tea organizations have implemented a new listing of pre-market research, perhaps we can find the answer.

new group is well-known food companies, the director (director), experience marketing planning positions over the marketing staff has more than 10 years of food industry, have more in-depth understanding of the relevant field of food. However, before every new product in the market to do a very detailed, comprehensive quantitative and qualitative research.


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