Jewelry store to open the full Raiders want to profit

exquisite jewelry is a lot of people like, especially female friends can not refuse, good quality products can make them more perfect. Venture to open a jewelry store, or very good, huge market demand, and a good income, for entrepreneurs, are very impressive. However, the opening of jewelry shop business, want to make money business, but also skills, there is no business experience for any friend, there are some difficulties. The following for the venture shop opened the Raiders this problem, with everyone to understand.

to do professional: in recent years, the market demand is growing, people do jewelry business more and more, the market competition is more intense. However, the market space is still very large jewelry, because the trend is constantly changing, but requires practitioners to do more professional.

site: taking into account the jewelry store customer has a majority of students, so usually choose the University City high school or university near young people especially the fashion trend of people many, of course, the bustling commercial street can also, but generally speaking I don’t recommend.

decoration: decoration not like hotel luxury but must grasp a point as far as possible is the trend of fashion, jewelry that is itself a popular trend in the decoration must pay attention to the style, specification, conspicuous, strengthen emotional epochalcharacter brand, let the store design and signs also become their own free advertising. Professional fees are usually maintained at 30 thousand. 30 thousand for boutiques. Of course, can not be generalized, according to the degree of consumption of detailed renovation costs. What you need is: the shelf price of 480 yuan for the whole steel structure, divided into four floors of 2 meters, width of 1.6 meters, of course, the price is the highest. Counter, spotlights, etc..

stock: stock must be selected according to the local culture and customs; price must according to the consumer groups around you age, level of consumption, the income of the city; the service must be in place, this is the fundamental of modern business.

small ornaments can also bring great benefit, the choice of business of this industry is promising and worth choosing industry entrepreneurs to open jewelry store, in the shop, there are many problems need to consider. The above is about the opening of the gem shop Raiders detailed introduction, I hope we can bring help, the early success of the shop, to achieve their dream of entrepreneurship.

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