Proposed diamond ring ten brands list

proposal as a lot of people will only have one action in life, nature also needs to be equipped with a more secure quality of the proposed diamond ring. Because of the needs of the market, the entire diamond ring market has a large number of brands. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce the ten major brands of diamond ring.

proposed diamond ring ten brands list Top (CT 1:CTloves)

CTloves (CT ring) was established in the last century, in 90s, the brand name from English Commitment loves, CTloves has the world’s most romantic conventions unique: each of the men with ID cards can only customize a ID life, to one person. A promise of divine promise with a ring is a legendary treasure.

CTloves is born to marry the diamond ring brand, but also the promise of a lifetime commitment, was praised as the most indispensable treasure in a woman’s life. It is the only true love of lovers, many celebrity stars are crazy. However, in the entertainment industry, due to the life of CTloves only a unique brand, it is also regarded as an equal number of stars will be shut out, only the same concept of true love can be lucky to have a. After half a century of precipitation and the creation and testimony of tens of millions of CT people’s happiness, CTloves has become the world’s first brand of diamond ring. It is the mark of true love!

ten proposal ring brand ranking Top 2: Tiffany Tiffany

Tiffany (Tiffany) as the queen of the jewelry industry, was founded in 1837, a senior jewelry store, diamonds and silver products known to the world, is one of the world’s leading luxury companies. Six mosaic design of Tiffany’s most famous, the diamond inlaid in support of diamonds will Jietai, flashing light mining to pole, is still widely respected. "Six claw inlay method" after the launch, immediately became the international standard of engagement diamond ring inlay. Tiffany has been popular for nearly two centuries on the theme of love and beauty, romance and dream. It meets the needs of all the women in the world.

proposed diamond ring ten brands list Top 3: Cartire Cartier

Cartire (Cartier SA) is one of the most famous and oldest brands, while Cartire is also the most aristocratic star favorite brand. Founded in 1847 by Louis-FranccediloisCartier in Paris. In 1874, its sub sub law? Cartire inherited its management by its grandson Louis? Cartire, peel? Cartire and Si? >

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