The first of the 2016 nternet plus innovative event held in Nanan

is now developing almost any economy can not be separated from the Internet, the Internet has brought the world’s economy into a new area of development. 2016 Internet plus innovative event held in Quanzhou Nanan, many experts discuss how to achieve business development in the "Internet plus" era.

2014 so far this year, Internet plus business quickly become a new fashion, a new starting line of social economy, also bring overtaking for many enterprises and individual opportunity. Internet plus is a dynamic Chinese inclusive growth, provide the possibility of leap forward development. In the host yesterday days Garden Technology Co. Ltd. in 2016 the first Internet plus innovative event, experts on how to realize the innovation Internet plus staged a each one airs his own views, the wisdom of the collision.

as chairman, China international investment China Belt and Road Initiative organizing committee person in charge, Yinyou sea was entitled "Internet plus investment model in talent" speech.

"we in the provinces and foreign institutions are provided, so I will fully support the Internet O2O mode." Yin Youhai said, China under the new situation, the RMB as a guide, in The Belt and Road strategic deployment, in the expectation of the people, to achieve entrepreneurial innovation mode and method, the most convincing is the science and technology.

two micro end the rapid development of new media

as a cultural project of the Millennium Chinese planner, executive producer, Zhang Lin made a speech entitled "to promote the publicity and application of" state of Internet plus the share.

twelve in the last year of the three National People’s Congress meeting, Premier Li Keqiang specifically proposed Internet plus action plan in the report of the government; the NPC and CPPCC after the people’s livelihood, finance, education, medical, transportation and other fields have net".

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