Twenty first Century want to get rich by gold ideas

now entrepreneurs more and more investors, but the success ratio of venture capital has continued to slump, the reason is the key point is that entrepreneurs and investors are in the others take the old road, ever in fact change can also be earning thousands of dollars?

"work in the most headache is the change, one day down several banks run near the results are often empty handed." Gulou District of Fuzhou city in Luoping in terms of individual clinics responsible for change when feeling upset. Last month, the clinic came to a young man, claiming to be a professional zero man, if you need change, a phone can be sent at any time, the condition is charged 2 yuan per hundred dollars. Although the charges a little high, but it is very convenient, we can accept."

like Luo bank change to complain about a few people who had to spend money, and "occupation change" for change." An old hotel next to the boss said, the business world laboratory news: he needs 400 yuan turnover change every day, before he ran for many banks, but many said there was no change in addition to other counter 5 yuan, 10 yuan, 20 yuan, even if there are 5 angle, 1 yuan, 2 yuan coins, silver the general refused to exchange, even if Ken can not be converted to too much. Today, the bank is difficult to change, it is difficult to change.

the bank counter is really hard to change to change? Market news reporter ran 4 banks require the exchange of $1 bills. The first bank and the staff of the second banks said no change today. Third bank staff said that only 10 yuan and a nominal value of $20. Fourth banks are relatively good, but the face value of 1 yuan is only $two hundred or three hundred, the bank can only part of the exchange, the rest must be exchanged for $10 and $5 par value.


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