Kellogg edge fast join advantage

fast food chain brand but it has too many to count, the high visibility of the brand is one of the few restaurants. Kellogg edge snack is such a well-known fast-food brand to join the project.


Kellogg margin of fast food

since March 2006 in Shenzhen since its inception, the spirit of "strategic thinking based on the margin of Kellogg, key city, large city radiation for large and medium-sized city", after a short period of 7 years, has developed into Shenzhen, Guangzhou has 2 subsidiaries, 1 food processing and distribution center, more than and 50 stores, more than 3000 employees, modernization the scale of the catering enterprises.

now, headquarters has been successful in many cities across the country have opened a number of chain stores. The brand image of health and nutrition is also gradually popular, popularity is also rising. With the increasingly rapid pace of life, consumer demand for food is also growing, Kellogg edge fast development prospects are very broad.

join advantage:

1, unified image packaging, store more beautiful. Kellogg provide clothing, accessories, assistant badges, name card etc. VIS visual image of a unified system, unified decoration scheme, to help you create a local shop.

2, opening celebration planning, business more fire. Customized for the opening ceremony of the program, and assigned an experienced store master to guide the operation, until the normal operation of the store.

3, market protection, make money more independent. Based on the overall situation, according to the location of the market strictly control the number of stores, to ensure that each store has sufficient source, to ensure that agents profit.

4, product timing updates, customers more stable. Headquarters on a regular basis free of charge with the actual value of the new dishes, specifically to deal with picky eaters, help operators to stabilize customer groups, improve market competitiveness.

5, the national advertising, brand more. Headquarters stage in the CCTV and the country’s major newspapers, outdoor, online media put a lot of advertising, improve sales performance and brand awareness.

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