Woman carries 200 yuan a year to earn ten million property

she was Zhaoyuan an ordinary peasant girl, her husband was very successful in business, she can in the eastern outskirts of the villa to enjoy the "Lady" of life, but she had chosen a year under the spell of hard pioneer, tens of millions of family business. Café。 Liu Weihong’s successful experience tells us: from small business to millionaires, sometimes only a layer of paper, as long as the right way to find and put into action, have suffered setbacks when the tenacity, everything is possible.

the formula, how to open the shop? How can I sell? How chain? How to join? A junior high school graduates to the bookstore to find a lot of books on the operating point of view, from books on the study of KFC, McDonald’s and the famous Chinese restaurant chain management. Her husband laughed at her idea You still want to heaven!"

in March 2004, strongly opposed to her husband and family, full of bitter Liu Weihong at the Yantai University in Laishan near the vegetable market, opened the first shop together with the twist of her dreams, named "hongxiang".

opening day has sold more than 4000 to 9 o’clock in the evening, barely closed the door. The second day, more people, the longest row of eighty or ninety people. Lining up to make Liu Weihong heartbroken: to other people’s doorstep, blocking the business of others, lined up on the road, but also blocked

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