Hot pot franchise business coup had to see

is now a very suitable to eat Hot pot season, and almost every winter, Hot pot shop business will be very good, but now successfully run their own Hot pot shop is not an easy thing, the use of small skills, let you quickly

talent shows itself!

Second, small Hot pot stores to be formulated to encourage mechanism of enterprises, distribution according to work. For example, in the system of rewards and punishments are clear, the point of sale of food commissions, all kinds of awards, including customer rewards, innovation incentives, good customer awards, etc..

Third, the enterprise should grow as employees provide enough space and platform. The development of   the corresponding provisions, and strictly in accordance with the provisions of the work, so that the ability to be high, to be, in order to stimulate the enthusiasm of staff work.

Fourth, equality of opportunity. Whether it is experience, or employees, to treat the opportunity to be treated equally, not biased.

fifth, the enterprise must strengthen the consciousness of sales staff. Emphasis on service = profit, small pot to join the use of food marketing and other incentives to stimulate sales enthusiasm, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win employees.

sixth, to establish self-confidence and influence management layer under the opponent, to believe that the staff, if possible, entrusted with the task.

seventh, note in giving employees rights and trust at the same time we must keep monitoring, and give timely help, help them establish confidence

In fact, for many


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