Science Liepin 58 city yaojinbo with entrepreneurial success

is a group of entrepreneurs in the present society which does not lack, in many large enterprises and domestic well-known founder of a relatively high degree of enterprises are often through their own entrepreneurial success.

A weekend

in China, serial entrepreneur, fewer people do poineering work continuously but continuous success, from the year of youth, to today’s Internet gangster, Yao Jinbo is lucky.

but Yao Jinbo continued success, more than lucky. 58 Chen Xiaohua, co-founder of the city when talking about Yao Jinbo, had such an evaluation: old Yao can not become possible, which can not be.

For example,

ten years enqiu, once shook hands, China Internet industry had not done such a handshake. How hard is it? Yao Jinbo and Yang Haoyong did it.

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