Xiamen summer full tree golden grape beautiful

in the city’s environmental remediation, the cultivation of a large number of ornamental plants is very common! However, have you seen a sausage like "Golden Grape"? The following Xiaobian together and came to Xiamen, see Xiamen early summer full tree "concrete of Staphylococcus" beautiful!

in this early summer season, the Phoenix wood and the flame of the flame red wood became the main street of the city. Recently, the main tone also appeared a touch of yellow is equally surprising: golden flowers full of trees, the breeze blowing, the petals have fallen, as if under the "golden rain".

people are curious, what is this flower? Garden experts, this is the opening of the sausage tree, called sausage flower, although the name does not listen to the sound, but it is a kind of flower and fruit ornamental tree.

The full

tree "Golden Grape", beautiful

the day before yesterday evening, the reporter arrived at the Haicang Xiamen children’s Park, there is a municipal road, there is a row of sausage trees, each tree is like a string of golden rich multicolored decorations, "grape", very lively and bright. Many people stroll in the meantime, or pick up petals, or take pictures. People curious to say, I do not know what is this flower, very special, very beautiful.

in Haicang, in addition to the Xiamen children’s Park, Xiamen to the direction of the island by Ma Qing Road also planted a row of sausage tree, from Ma Qing Road gas station, extending all the way to the bell Lin Road, drove along the way, a golden, very happy. In addition, in the lake, Tianyuan District also has a relatively small number of sausage tree planting, and no special attention caused by passers-by.

also has sausage trees on the island. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter to enter from the South Gate of South Lake Park, on the lawn beside the lake park, saw a few sausage tree. The park is the Phoenix flower bloom, and the sausage tree elegant light yellow, for people are not the same sense of tranquility. The branches and leaves of these trees are not luxuriant, but they hang a string of yellow flowers on each branch. The fallen flowers are dotted in the middle of the green lawn, as if a beautiful watercolor painting.

Yuandang Lake Management Center staff Chen Qingxiu told reporters, in South Lake Park there are 12 Tall sausage tree, was introduced more than and 10 years ago, was a most prosperous year in June. When the first flowering of the sausage tree, it caused many people curious to ask: "what is this flower? How a string?" But now, we see more flattering.

beauty (beautiful lotus Tongan town Yun Lu Po to YUNPU Road) on both sides also planted a lot of trees at flowering, sausage, strings of yellow led people to stop. Driving on this road, eyeful is golden, from time to time to see the sun bird flowers (300123, shares) in foraging tweet is really delightful.

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