Six criteria for choosing the brand of clothing

has been the garment industry is very popular in the business industry, a lot of people want to engage in this business, but do not know which brand is better, how to choose the brand of clothing: if you are just beginning to join the field of clothing, clothing or operating time is not very long, experience is not very rich. It will be very confused, do not know the choice of what kind of brand to join. In fact, as long as your shop has not yet opened, the success of the business in the future may be doomed. The first step to success is to start with what brand to choose.

1, brand positioning

in the selection of clothing to join the brand at the beginning, should be first on their own city’s clothing market make a certain understanding, especially with your shops around the District, to do heart bottom.

2, product popularity

clothing is a special commodity, it depends entirely on the purchase of consumer goods. Because of this, you have to dress to join the brand in the local reputation is good, the extent of popular products, are the need to focus on the factors.

3, reasonable profit space

well, this one is of course one of the most important principles. Clothing brands can not give you enough profit margins only look at the surface of the supply discount and replacement rate is not enough, there are many hidden items may be you can not see. Let’s just end up with an account.

4, the company’s development

understand the development of Brand Company, including the history of development, the status quo and the future trend of your choice is very important. As your supplier, but also a business partner, your development is inseparable from the development of the company. We certainly want to choose a good credit, mature and healthy development of the company to work together.

5, supply is normal

this article will often be ignored by many people, but in fact it is very important. Even if you are proud of the pink of perfection in other areas, but the varieties you want to often out of stock, your business will do good


6, training and service support

choose a reliable brand clothing to join, so that we can be more handy after operation, also can better benefit, in fact we now many in the clothing business franchisees are lack of business experience, to ensure the high success rate of the business needs of the company, is recommended.

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