This year’s real estate mission Chongqing developers think is to inventory

2016 years, the housing prices are like a raging fire if hot up, prices continued to rise, rose to lawlessness, rose to flee sanjie. For unknown reasons in public, crazy watching the growth of housing prices, but that is the price of supply demand, but the people who know has said that this year the real estate of Chongqing is the main task is to inventory, let’s learn about specific details.

policy well greatly enhance the market sentiment, Chongqing (real estate) Huayu group an unnamed marketing executives say they are still optimistic about the market, will increase the expansion of market dynamics in the declining inventory of the city, such as Nanjing (real estate), Suzhou (real estate), and in Chongqing, is still to inventory the appropriate price, will be decided based on the specific circumstances of each project, but the overall tone is still to go to stock based.

reporter noted that from Chongqing since February this year, the transaction data, compared with the same period last year rise significantly, but interviewed a number of senior real estate professionals and the Huayu group marketing executives agree, that the Chongqing property market will go to inventory for the Lord, not how to price.

policy push push rhythm

, according to the Chongqing Municipal Bureau of land and resources, Chongqing online real estate data statistics, Chongqing in January this year, a total of 17492 residential and non residential transactions. Not only that, in February of this year, Chongqing has 32 new real estate market, while only 14 new sites last year.

analyst Zhang Xin told reporters, since this year the central bank and other ministries launched the first fangshoufu 20% deed tax and business tax "double down" policy, have certain positive significance on the property market, but the overall tone of Chongqing in 2016 is to inventory, developers will choose the second half of the timely introduction of new housing.

public information, in December 2015, Chongqing commodity housing supply area of 1 million 779 thousand and 200 square meters, standing in the peak of the annual supply. Throughout the year 2015, the total supply of 13 million 779 thousand and 100 square meters of commercial housing in Chongqing, an increase of $16.54% last year. Monthly average supply area decreased from 1 million 375 thousand and 800 square meters to 1 million 148 thousand and 300 square meters. By the end of 2015, Chongqing commercial housing to more than 21 million 704 thousand square meters of results, ranked the country’s fourth.

Zhang Xin said that the Chongqing population of nearly 30 million, but the main urban population accounted for only 1/3, strong purchasing power from the surrounding suburban residents. This part of the customer base investment channel is single, so the purchase intention is more intense, the strength can not be underestimated; because the foreign adsorption capacity of Chongqing in the past few years continuously strong, more enterprises have created more jobs, attract some foreign employees and migrant recommended

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