How to choose the jewelry store investment skills will be easy to handle

as long as it is necessary to open the door to operate the project, will take into account a location problem. So is the jewelry industry. How to choose the jewelry store? The following is a summary of the successful experience of small sum, we hope to help entrepreneurs.

1. good location high rent

many small business owners rely on the quality, the more popular business, more willing to invest in the same location. In those high rent shops downtown, you don’t have to fear the high rent. Under normal circumstances, as long as your business direction, business strategy, the choice of supply is no problem, in these places tend to be high input high returns. Of course, in the investment before you choose this site, we must carefully analyze investment funds can bring much benefit, you have to in the sales of commercial profit space is not big enough.

The advantages and disadvantages of

2, "intersection shop"

3, not pedestrians more prosperous


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