How to join fragrance Ramen

fragrance Hand-Pulled Noodle belonging to Pengcheng fragrance Hand-Pulled Noodle Food Co., Hand-Pulled Noodle focused on business for more than ten years, only to give customers the best Hand-Pulled Noodle consumer experience, because I believe Hand-Pulled Noodle even ordinary but also can not, as long as I believe we can create the brand consumers trust.

fragrance Ramen joined the majority of franchisees to join the vision, a reasonable entry fee and a good joining conditions are the advantages of ramen ramen.

has a system of fast food production, management and management experience, with a unique production of raw materials and advanced equipment assembly technology. Provide delicious fresh quality such as a food to people, friendly and efficient service, clean and comfortable dining environment and popularization value, product price, the elderly, children, young people, business travelers, family team is the main customer of the enterprise, the company is committed to the study of the standard of service and quality of the products. In addition to Hand-Pulled Noodle has developed a series of fragrance, smoked sauce series, series of cold dishes and meat, in order to adapt to changing customer and multi-level tastes, mobile and flexible to seize new market.

join advantage

brand: the core of modern fast food industry competition is the brand, Pengcheng fragrance Hand-Pulled Noodle in business development, build " 1000 shops " the brand effect, establish a personalized brand image, the formation of a strong brand advantage.

intellectual property advantage: a full set of projects with independent intellectual property rights, " " Hand-Pulled Noodle Pengcheng; fragrance; trademark has been registered in more than and 30 countries in the world.

distribution advantage: through the production base of each distribution center, to the whole country chain stores distribution of main accessories and all kinds of goods.

training advantages: full training, on-site guidance, easy shop.

steering advantages: regular, irregular supervision and guidance, so that the chain can strictly in accordance with the headquarters of the unified standards and norms to carry out business activities, stable income.

scale: the construction of enterprises directly under the Hand-Pulled Noodle Pengcheng fragrance companies all over the country’s fragrance " Hand-Pulled Noodle " Zhiyingdian, has made " " Hand-Pulled Noodle Pengcheng fragrance in the formation of scale effect.

Management: the unique advantages of

management system " " Hand-Pulled Noodle Pengcheng; fragrance; whether direct stores or stores are able to normal and standardized operation.

join conditions

1. intends to invest both entrepreneurial experience

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