Jiangxi dug up two of the total weight of nearly half of the total weight of 100 pounds

recently, Jiangxi villagers dug up the giant wild pueraria, pueraria root of this giant nearly 100 pounds, simply called the "spirit" of the circle of pueraria. Allegedly this nearly a dozen pounds of kudzu root of kudzu powder.

11 6 days early in the morning, Mr. Hu Wanli to dig herbs, at first, he dug are longer than 30 cm kudzu, suddenly a very different Pueraria invigorated him. "Dug for a long time did not dig the signs of the end." With many years of experience in herbal medicine, Mr. Hu to determine the root of this must not be small, after more than six hours of digging, Mr. Hu will dig out the root of this giant kudzu.

"I was so excited! So I picked the pueraria, herbs for so many years, the first time to see." Hu said that he began to dig up herbs from the age of five, and now has more than and 60 years old, so large wild kudzu root is the first time he saw.

"over 70 pounds of Puerarin is relatively rare." Jiangxi Academy of Forestry Academy of medicinal materials and Food Research Institute, researcher Zhu Peilin introduction, general kudzu also more than and 10 pounds, like Mr. Hu found that the root of at least 20 years.

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