Henan province 318 thousand registered trademarks in the country ranked ninth

in the process of economic development, Henan actively according to the current market situation to speed up the development of their own, and achieved remarkable results. According to the report: the first half of this year, the province’s new 34 thousand registered trademarks, registered trademarks of the province by the end of June, the total reached 318 thousand, ranking ninth in the country, the first six central provinces. The following and small series of specific details.

at present, the province’s total number of well-known trademarks in China reached 204. The value of trademark, the contribution of economic growth to further enhance the exemplary role of outstanding brands to be further developed. According to statistics, the province has 56.6% of the trademarks of the enterprise for the profit of the enterprise, higher than the trademark enterprises nearly 21 percentage points. Trademark brand to promote the role of the enterprise is very obvious, the number of well-known trademark enterprise profit accounted for 81.2%, the famous trademark enterprise is 72%.

at the same time, the business sector has also increased the intensity of the crackdown on trademark infringement. In the first half, the province investigated and dealt with 15830 kinds of trademark infringement cases, effectively safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of trademark owners.

Industrial and Commercial Bureau responsible person said, the next step will make full use of big data, cloud computing and other information technologies to strengthen the supervision of the trademark, the trademark infringement, malicious cybersquatting, illegal behaviors of trademark agents and other information included in the built in Henan province enterprise credit information publicity supervision and warning system, increase efforts to punish acts of dishonesty, dishonesty. Illegal enterprises "illegal everywhere restricted".

lives in Internet plus time, use the advantage of being good at many areas, efforts to develop their strengths, to achieve greater development. Henan, as a city in the middle of the city, in the pace of transformation and upgrading of the city, although there is no advantage of coastal ports, but still unwilling to lag behind to develop their own, and achieved remarkable results.

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