What are the secrets to success in tea shops

for the tea shop, as we all know, if properly managed, money is not a problem. For this reason, the opening of the tea shop was considered to be a good business to make money. However, although the opening of the tea shop is considered to be a profitable business to make money, but not every friend can open a tea shop to open the tea shop to make money. This is the lack of experience with his tea shop has a great relationship. If you are also operating a tea shop, may wish to take a look at the following ways to open a tea shop to make money, perhaps for you to open a tea shop will be of great help.

To open a tea shop complete varieties of

: consumers of tea all kinds of requirements, as operators must adapt to market demand, to achieve complete varieties, determine the main varieties of their own business, can not refuse other varieties, not self enclosed, there should be a tolerant, accepting new varieties. Generally, there are at least more than and 100 varieties of tea shops, Tieguanyin, Phoenix single fir, Puer tea, scented tea, Maojian tea and so on. Some popular goods can be a little less, leaving the supplier’s address, for a rainy day.

understand the business area consumer tastes: on the quality of tea such as whether the right of final decision in the consumer, is the key for the operator according to the consumer tastes supply, different areas of consumer tastes are different, such as the North South Green Tea love tea, love, love to the northwest of tea. Each region in various regions are not the same, taking Beijing as an example, Dongcheng District enjoys rich, thick soup, fragrant, taste a little less like Haidian, soup yellow and bright, the suburbs are like bitter taste a little heavy, resistant foam on the line, so they often require the operator to investigate, and consumer contacts, for needs to update the taste.

pricing rationalization: tea sales price has been a very difficult to solve the problem of pre price is too high, through the role of the media, consumers stop tea". Now due to fierce competition, many people sell too low, and some even lower than the cost price, resulting in vicious competition. Keep in good quality at the same time, there must be a reasonable price, first determine your purchase cost in price, calculate your operating costs and reasonable profit for your reference, the market set a reasonable price, is not profiteering, not price competition, of course, special process of famous tea tea because of their high artistic value of specific pricing, I think it should be.

full three-dimensional structure: commercial stereo structure and complete varieties are different, one is to increase the tea of different grades based on complete varieties, such as "Mount Huangshan Mao Feng", Mingqian super premium, such as "Peony Jasmine Tea"; "the first spring" "two spring" three spring "". The two is also engaged in tea business and related goods such as tea, tea, tea, tea, tea, tea books, tea tea, health care products and the "scholar’s four jewels" word painting, tea has purple, porcelain, glass, stainless steel and so on, and purple are high, medium and low, there are sets of pots, single pot, blame the pot. Black and white mud.

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