What are the names of the shop tips

is now a lot of people are in the name of the shop to do a bad job to do, I do not know, in fact, the name of the shop is also a trick to master. As long as we have mastered the relevant tips, to store up a suitable name naturally becomes a matter of easy. So, what are the names of the shop tips?

in the hard work, the store finally opened, but the shop does not have a good, practical name, is a novice shop trouble.

is actually not too worried, with the names of the same name stores, parents also took pains in time, give us the name; to our name often represent a good wishes, some also contain some meaning. Such as "Zhang Kang", his parents took this name, he is eager to grow up healthy, one of my classmates is "Wang Bin", he asked his parents, why give him the name, his parents said he was hoping.

we give ourselves the name of the store can also refer to the meaning of the name, the shop name also has four tips.

first, the shop name can highlight the attributes of goods.

For example,

sells digital called " XX digital " buy clothes, called " " selling bags, reluctant to part; called "perfect" and "your satisfaction", known as the "wheat bags" which is the famous brand fashion bags.

second, shop name can highlight personal characteristics.

in highlighting the attributes of goods at the same time, to reflect the characteristics of the individual, only a combination of both, can give buyers a very unique impression.

third, shop name can highlight the geographical characteristics (of course, this is not all sellers generic): for example, Guilin rice noodles, Beijing roast duck.

fourth, shop name to geely. Online shop sales are generally young, so beautiful, happy, beautiful person, such words are more frequent, the name of unlucky things or people will instinctively disgust and rejection.

in a word, partial, health, difficult, complex words are taboo, from an easy to remember and understand the name of the shop is very important, it is best to be controlled within 4 words.


said to the shop name is not an easy job, but it is not so difficult as we understand, as long as we can grasp the relevant tips on the success of a name is actually a very simple thing. So, if you want to name the store now, you know

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