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Handan, as one of the ancient civilized cities in the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period, is a gathering place of Chinese historical civilization and has a strong historical and cultural atmosphere. Handan City, Cixian is the famous ceramic arts — the birthplace of Cizhouyao culture, is Zhao, Yindu, ye are "three" cultural interchange, Cizhouyao culture, Yangshao culture, the culture of the Shang Dynasty, Zhao Culture, Cao Weijianan culture, the culture has left a huge remains.

China magnetic state Kiln Museum is the nation’s largest professional museum of the county level, the national 3A class tourist attractions, its "black and white art" exhibition won the national collection exhibition top ten award. Cixian folk art has a long history, there are folk and folk crafts two categories.

Cixian franchisee to visit the headquarters of Chongqing Guojianglong, do catering stores, the preferred course is to join the Hot pot. Guojianglong variety and taste, enough to attract customers. We must believe that Cixian franchisee zounanchuangbei throughout the investigation, finally decided to join the Guojianglong Hot pot cooking is deliberate consideration, do in-depth understanding of martial law, do the most intuitive judgment.

at the same time, a comprehensive martial law headquarters of the Cixian storefront and the investment strength, business philosophy, is the agreed cooperation agreement must be in the same boat, Guojianglong headquarters will assist Cixian to join to store the ideas and requirements; at the same time, Guojianglong will fully support the open good stores in Cixian, and even more after the store, do brand and franchisees


address: Hebei province Handan city Cixian friendship and Peace Avenue Road intersection Sheng International Trade Building or Cetra Building A.

in Handan Guojianglong Hot pot shop address, if you want to know what other problems, please first on our website under the Advisory message.

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