Wenzhou issued ten initiatives to encourage youth entrepreneurship in Taiwan

exchanges between the two sides is more and more, under the entrepreneurial tide, naturally there are more and more young people choose to do business in Taiwan. In order to attract entrepreneurial talent in Taiwan, all over the country have introduced preferential policies. Wenzhou launched the "double" measures to encourage more Taiwan youth entrepreneurship, to promote the development of local economy.

Taiwan Youth Venture to Wenzhou, not only can enjoy ten preferential policies including credit guarantee, loan interest, etc., there are opportunities in Wenzhou ten Strait youth entrepreneurship innovation park. Yesterday, Wenzhou City, the establishment of the Taiwan Youth Employment Service Center (hereinafter referred to as the "service center"), announced the founding ceremony "ten" initiatives, is expected to become a powerful driving force for Taiwan youth to temperature.

Wenzhou is located in the Taiwan region, the Yangtze River Delta and the economic zone of the intersection of the three hub location, and the nearest port of Taiwan, only 138 nautical miles. Since the cross-strait three links, the annual temperature to visit, visiting friends and relatives of Taiwan more than 30 thousand passengers. According to the service center in Taiwan University survey data show that nearly 60% college students in Taiwan to mainland employment intentions, about 30% Taiwan students hope to have the opportunity to practice to the mainland, 12.41% in Taiwan to the mainland college students entrepreneurial intention.

to support the Taiwan youth employment and entrepreneurship to temperature, recently, Wenzhou 8 government units involved in the development of credit guarantee, loan discount, settled in the park, housing security, tax relief, public services, personnel incentives, team incentives, personnel agency, training and other ten preferential policies. The service center and Zhejiang Creative Park, Wenzhou source Park ten Strait youth entrepreneurship Innovation Park contract award, provide preferential policies and convenient services for Taiwan youth entrepreneurship and innovation. Ten parks and ten preferential policies support the formation of the Wenzhou Strait youth entrepreneurship and innovation "ten" initiatives.

"the establishment of the service center, more like to provide us with a ‘home’." In the warm years of employment in Taiwan, many young people Zhong Zhenzhong service center looking forward to. According to reports, the service center is a non-profit institution, deputy mayor of Wenzhou Hu Hu Gao Ren, chairman of the first, entities located in Zhejiang Industry and Trade Vocational College. After the establishment of the center, will be based on the newly introduced preferential policies, to warm the entrepreneurial employment of young people in Taiwan to provide employment information, training, guidance and help, such as personalized, order type service.

founding ceremony, Zhejiang Industry and Trade Vocational College, Wenzhou University, Wenzhou ZHONG CHUANG Chuang passenger space development center, Taiwan Chinese University, Taiwan Dahua University of science and technology and other 5 units launched "cross-strait youth hit off union", will further strengthen exchanges and cooperation in Taiwan.

with the introduction of a variety of relevant preferential policies in Wenzhou, I believe will be able to attract more young people in Taiwan to warm business, thus not recommended

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