nterest fund and communication ability are the key to college students’ Entrepreneurship

do you have a plan to start a business after graduation? Or only the willingness to apply for a job?" Recently, in a section of the Department of human resources and Social Security Department of a college student employment survey in the next year, about to bid farewell to the local local college students make this choice. More than 30% of respondents believe that for their own business is ready, even if the failure can be repeated; and interest, money and communication skills become the key to their business.

"although parents can support a little, but still not enough." Some students think, now set up a project requires tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of yuan, not enough money to start, then a good project can only be wasted; besides the market are often changing, once missed, is difficult to have the opportunity. Jiangsu University, Wu Lixin hopes to set up a home design company, has begun to raise funds, but the estimate is not a big gap. He hoped that the government to give relevant policy support, the opening of the green channel for college students venture.


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