Since the death of the media product or from the media the final way out

Compared with the traditional media,

as a new media, from the media have speed, status, age, attitude, personality, which makes the media from the value. Public relations are love and self media contact, often some new views from people from the media mind burst out, which is different from traditional media, the media is a representative of the media’s attitude, or comment is official, or to collect the way, so we can see that the traditional media published this article will often become the popular view of polymerization.

this article mainly discusses the basic situation of self media and the development of self media.

industry features of self media


as the representative of the opinion leaders from the media to drive the transformation of the whole circle of writers, which determines a considerable number of people may rely on the money to live, but in recent years the increasing demand for public enterprises, there are a large number of manuscript needs, the internal public relations even could not complete the cooperation of Signing company so many articles of the task, becoming the preferred foreign manuscripts, and the better effect. Therefore, since the media has formed an industry, the industry is upstream from the media, the middle reaches of the public relations company, the downstream is the vast number of enterprises. Of course, there are also media and platform cooperation, the upstream unchanged, and the role of the middle and lower reaches of the platform.

can understand this, since the value of the general media is unable to realize the self value, including two aspects, one is from the media profit two, since the media is famous, it needs the help of the other two aspects from the media industry to realize this point of view, since the media would die "the collapse of itself. Are all from the media will not die, with the development of various media, electronic publications are also more and more, the awareness of copyright after the original authors will gradually improve, the copyright problem is sure to face the future. Those without characteristics, no competition, or homemade content is too small, depending on the content of the reproduced editorial, the media will quietly part of the dead.

from the media at this stage is how the media


although people are shouting from the media, in terms of performance, it is clear from the media is a kind of form, people from the media articles put more channels, into the lower threshold, at the same time, people from the media industry accomplishment is uneven in quality of several aspects of this decision, since the media content of the bottom line. On this point, may insiders will think that "evil public relations", not evil PR here don’t say, writing is independent, dare not under the temptation of money to "say no, it depends on the people from the media literacy of occupation. In addition, in the choice, if your article and can help readers, even with a few keywords is fine, magazines also rely on advertising to support operations, the premise is your article really not water in a complete mess.

from the media, even if only individuals, there are still media properties, since claiming to be from the media, it is necessary to readers and fans responsible for it, after all, is to establish brand

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