On the dumping of Public Lending network P2P monthly dumping of ten or twenty is normal

Dictation: Yin Fei (Loan Help CEO) finishing: Liu Hexiang,

in April 2nd, opened less than Hainan public lending network collapse of a month, and everyone in the industry say P2P There were many discussions. And how old a business? And, after all the loan collapse soon, said a company out of business loans in urban and rural areas.


industry bursts appear collapse, I do not think what strange. As we all know, 35 years later, the industry may only dozens of companies, and even a few companies, and now the P2P platform there are thousands, so even if each month closed down ten, twenty, are normal. Although we all know that the success rate is not high, but still a new platform is still born every day, there are new players appear. This shows that the industry is still in a very early stage, everyone in a variety of ways to try, in trial and error. Early into the P2P net loan industry in the Internet industry background of entrepreneurs, and even pawn loans to small banks and other traditional financial institutions of the entrepreneurs are still waiting to see, but there will be more traditional financial background of future entrepreneurs to join the market, there will be some traditional financial institutions to increase the business even to the the direction of transformation. I believe, as shortly before the group purchase industry’s thousand group war, only to industry appeared a mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, when several real giants, the confused situation will be settled.


public loan network announcement full text

on the public lending network, the average investor interest is nothing more than the name of the founder, Lou Confucianism will not run away? P2P platform can not be used as investment platform


running people do, but so far, after all, still a small number of running. Which industry does not have a liar, but not because of the existence of individual swindlers, an industry denied. But on the P2P platform itself credit problems, I would like to say, how to evaluate the P2P platform credit, and now there is no perfect scheme, this topic needs further study. The emergence of the P2P platform, in fact, is private lending network and sunshine, and the original form of private lending through the Internet in the form of the Internet is open. Although the traditional private lending is also frequently heard bad debts risk, and even the so-called "usury collapse", but private lending system has been providing valuable life and growth in nature, financial services in the development of small and micro economic coverage as the bank can not. If the traditional private lending funds to absorb annually trillions of life and growth in nature then, why the P2P net loan industry more public can become better and better lending platform investment platform? The answer is yes, of course, the key is to look at how to do practitioners. I believe, as long as the majority of practitioners uphold the integrity of management fraud is not the bottom line of the industry, the market competition of the invisible market mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, will be the survival of the fittest, good companies.

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