Three improve your website’s user experience

do people know that a website to get a good weight in the search engine, not only to do some basic SEO optimization, such as the frequently used title, keywords, description, as well as the corresponding promotion opinion, more important is to enhance the user to access your site the depth of.

someone would ask, "what is the depth of a user’s Web access?" "very simple" is the number of pages that users browse through your site during a visit to your site. One can imagine that if he visits more pages of your website at once, you can basically be sure that your website has something he is interested in. Users visit the depth of the site, using data to indicate the ratio between PV and IP, it is easy to understand that the greater the ratio, the more users like your site, that is, the user experience is better.

has been talking about some basic concepts for a long time, so how do you improve your user experience? Personally, there are several aspects:

1, the reasonable layout and layout of the website. This is the face of a web site, if the structure of your site is simple, do not have so many fancy but not practical things, so users see your website will feel like a breath of fresh air, natural to more over a period of time you spent on the site.

2, the content of the website. In general, even if your site layout is how to make people love, but users are unable to obtain useful information on your website, then you think users will want to look at a few pages of your website is? No one can refuse to tolerate.

3, reasonable navigation and proper anchor text for internal links. Navigation is very important, it can make the user from any page can easily go back to the other page, but the use of navigation to remember, must not blind pursuit of beauty and to use flash or other search engine is difficult to identify the content, practical, general can directly use text navigation so, concise. In addition, the internal chain is the same, he effectively enhanced the cohesion of the site, so that search engines and users can easily crawl to any useful information on other pages of the site.

in general, I think the most useful is to improve the user experience of the above three aspects, many people wrote about the user experience when the blocks are enumerated a lot, many of which are generally SEO skills, to enhance the user experience is not so far fetched, personally, I hope you want to do after optimization of a friend you can be of help to.

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