Why do we register domain names with false information

began in December 09, CNNIC began to register the domain name registration information for one by one audit, information false registration overdue correction, will be canceled domain name. It is estimated that the domain name has been canceled since the registration information is not real today.

domain name registration, you need to fill in your personal name, phone number, mobile phone number, e-mail address, home address, etc., once the information is filled, anyone can query on the Internet,


many people fill out false information in the domain name registration, not to do illegal websites, but that the real reason is afraid of leakage of information on the Internet! Once the data leaks, it is easy to be used to do illegal


I once received a silver notice that my credit card debt of 7000 yuan, I was very puzzled, what time I applied for a credit card, my phone is loaded for 3 months, and the phone number never told anyone, banks know how my phone? Think about it, I was in 2 a very regular web site registered account, fill out the family phone number! My telephone number is certainly through the 2 websites leaked here, please do not doubt that the 2 site is formal, I surf the Internet for many years, after all, I had friends because of online information disclosure have stolen mobile phone card, then I just fill in the online information is very careful, did not think this will be stolen, and later to the Chinese bank confirmation, found that people use my phone number, do not know where the other information, The bank applied for a credit card, but luckily it didn’t pass,

many sites can query the domain name registration information, and anyone can query, down to see what information can be found online to the domain name registrant! Http://whois.webmasterhome.cn/, here you can query, registration name, home address, telephone number, from here you can see a live, registered mail and other information!

if the registration information of the domain name can be kept secret at home and abroad, then I would like to register domain name, the phenomenon of false information will be less and less!


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