Talk about how to be a qualified station master

dinner by the way to write an article on how to be a qualified webmaster articles, also is the experience you do the webmaster of

!In fact, the

is not a qualified webmaster, so the author is also in the direction towards efforts to advance the process forward, encounter the problems are innumerable but I love, is able to put this problem perfectly out the kind of happy feeling in the face of problems, it is this feeling that I step by step into the start site of SEO’s work, in fact I used to be a company’s management, responsible for the work is very complex, the construction company, website server maintenance and network maintenance company, for a period of time that I am really tired, but still feel that time in retrospect with enough, good nonsense first here, I talk about the former work and some experience now work summary! In fact can not say the experience, even some of the work Sum up, let’s begin.

to do a webmaster is very easy, but to be a qualified webmaster is very difficult, so a qualified webmaster should have so ability,


one, always remember the data is very important,

why? In the network world can be said that there is more important than what database, deal with the network is not straightforward to say in dealing with the data, then the data backup is particularly important, I have today because you have no immediate backup database which leads to a loss in fact, part of the data, the site is not only a good backup database is finished, the program’s Web site backup as important, you want a site in front of the line will need to do some simple modifications to the website program, such as logo, modify some configuration files, template modification etc. Although some things to do the work no, but we will not need to do repetitive work, why should we do? Or so to remind everyone to do regular backup site database and copy Shell out as much as possible to minimize the damage, in addition, the site once a good modification, but also do a good job backup, with modifications, remember to update the backup immediately.

two, regular server patches and site patches update

here I feel even more important than the first, although I have not encountered major problems of Web data is destroyed, but if you think that the server and web application update is not timely, by some hacking into your server to exploit these vulnerabilities, then these hackers can operate on your server and delete your database, steal your information and think not terrible? So the server or a web application or update update the best real-time patch.

three, server, website background password security,

says second again. If your server site program is not patched, then some hackers benefit

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