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master file: Liu Cong 31 years old, 95 years at the school began to learn computer programming, using basic language to write some simple procedures, working platform for the 386 computer, then 486 computer is a luxury, the school only a special teacher, hey!!! When the students are learning to type, I but into the software program of study, so I also not five pen typing, will only use the Pinyin input. 98 years have been making website program ideas, and soon moved to the preparation, in 2005 launched a webmaster club news release system, the program is simple and easy to use, powerful, very popular with consumers, only a year’s time the program on a website downloads reached ten thousand times, at present has been squeezed in domestic news program 10 strong ranks.


website webmaster club news release system, established in 2003, began testing the site procedures, and clearly the development of news website program, in 2005 the official website of the operation, which belongs to the few only provide billing services to design a website, do not provide free download website program, the website has become a website design the center of the domestic well-known.

low price, excellent procedures, quickly occupied the market,

May 2005, webmaster club news release released the official version of the system, the program on the website of the future is fuzzy, because too many free online program, as a fee program if you can open the market, my heart is not the end. Soon, I published in the online trial by each source download station included, QQ and telephone consultation of many people up, but also individual units and enterprises, as well as magazines and newspapers, involving almost all over the country, all walks of life, and even national units and enterprises to buy.

              then I analyze the reasons, some online free program vulnerabilities and Trojans, some people eat this loss, so it is not used; and the free program with dense, very convenient to use. And my program after many years of debugging, has been very stable and safe, and more importantly, the source code is not encrypted, the user can modify the program in any of the code, very convenient. The free program also has a big drawback, that is, the function is not strong enough to restrict the development of the user site. In order to test my program can achieve a function in the end what program, I would like to a portal complex news channel as the target of the design, results show that the program can be an easy job to do the website to reach the portal effect in function can reach the domestic first-class level.

              a million dollars for a news portal, and my program only needs a few hundred dollars, so the price is still very low

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