To enhance the friendly experience of the site please make friends with your visitors first

refer to the site visitor friendly experience, many webmaster can talk, may be referred to the UI site design, site loading speed etc.. Although we know how to enhance the site visitors friendly experience degree, but we also have to see, now a lot of site visitors experience is very general, not to make visitors hate, also can’t say, let visitors favor. Most of the site is set up for profit, once the site’s profit and site visitors experience degrees conflict, I think most webmaster will stand on the side of the profit.


In fact,

want to make the visitor friendly experience is not difficult in the context of profit, just like our friends in real life, as long as we build a good friend relationship with our visitors, so do the friendly experience of visitors can follow. As a simple example, just like in real life, what would you do if you have interest conflict with your good friend? I think most people will stand at a friend’s point of thinking and then take a model to minimize conflict. So it is with our site. We need to be good friends with visitors, so what are we going to do,


wants visitors,

What is the

visitors to enter the site to enter the site to visitors? No doubt is how to obtain useful knowledge from the site or get valuable things on the site, as a webmaster to stand in the angle of visitors to create value in the site to visitors. The webmaster for the hao123 is the growth of the site should not be unfamiliar, this site led to the rise of this type of Web site navigation site in that it is, and the reason is that the key so successful this site can do to visitors to have a simple single web site navigation, as long as there is little a programming technique can be developed easily, but why not do it, this is because the owners do not have the visitors as a friend, not standing in the angle of visitors to the problem.

thoughts of visitors

thinking is rational, is an integral part of our site operations, different sites are different in thinking in the continuous development and expansion, and to further thinking, first look after visitors enter the site is to get what I can in the site, and the second thing is to think about. The contents of the site whether he meets the demand of itself, so as a webmaster must stand in the point of view of the visitors to think, we retain the site content in the visitor’s footsteps when and how to let visitors to the second site? And this requires the site value, create more value to meet visitor’s needs, this is the two sides can be used as the core of a friend.

doing visitors,

visitors stay at the site after what they want to do, that is, from the site to obtain the resources into their own things, and as a webmaster must stand

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