Pet site operators should be reasonable seize the main point bound users

some time ago in a webmaster forum saw a video, about the webmaster how to operate the website, seize the core user. After reading quite touched, feeling that the operation is indeed a university asked. In fact, whether it is integrated portal, or a vertical website like me, users are ultimately the cornerstone of our development, can not catch their eyeballs, the development is out of the question. But some say easy, pet website is a relatively strong interest in the color field, want to seize the user is not easy, of course, are difficult to solve the problem, as the user is bound to pet site is not a problem.

think about user attributes

to pet site visitors to imagine what characteristics, first, second, mostly women, mostly have pets in raising pets or strong will, third, for pet derived consumer goods have a certain purchasing power. After analyzing the above three points, we will develop the website reasonably.

the first point, the website page is as clear as possible, avoid the rough list of information, more prominent pet features and photos, and for a number of hot dog highlights.

second, the website information bar to have enough information to guide, such as how to train a dog toilet, what is the difference between Su Mu and the Shetland and so on, each one to the pet site visitors certainly hope that can get useful information from your website, especially I like this pet sales site, how to distinguish between different types of the pet is must have the information guide, which can attract users to a certain extent, reading and click.

third points, in the home page posted buyers user comments, increase the site’s sense of reality, so that the other side of your confidence.

thinking about self positioning,

my website is for pet sales, and what I want most is that users come to my website and be interested in some kinds of products at once, and place an order with them. But sales are always difficult to direct docking with the user, after all, to talk about money easily hurt, naked trades will not attract customers to visit, which bind the user so based on this, I draw further apart, in operation when considering the following points:

the first point, the home page is divided into three screens, the first screen focuses on the characteristics of the site, and lists relevant shop proof. Let visitors know the location of my website and trust the professionalism of the website operation. The second screen and the third screen are mainly about the price and kind of pets, so that visitors can have a gentle transition.

second points, not pure shopping guide, sales is the key, but the communication between users is essential, ad hoc a communication section, allowing visitors to speak freely, increase user viscosity. In addition, for some of the higher volume of dog species, I will recommend some subsidiary consumer goods, as far as possible to expand consumer desire.

third points to attract third parties settled shop, increasing attention and platform appeal. < >

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