Tip new fastest ways to earn money by enabling web domain names

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method this method is the use of Baidu and GOOGLE will take care of the sites included a new preferential treatment in a month! First of all, we must choose a new domain name is not used (two independent domain name can also be)! Before the site to recommend that we should think about what you want what? What choose keywords


site name, you can set as XXX Taobao shopping guide network

1. How does the site select keywords?


for example, if you do Taobao customers, you have to do "taobao.com" this keyword, then you can search taobao.com in Baidu "(or Baidu keyword search volume index http://s.index.baidu.com query), then you see the following relevant search appear associated with Taobao network search, these are the relatively high frequency of search words


the choice of auxiliary words, we can put the "home taobao.com, taobao.com ladies, taobao.com shopping mall, taobao.com, taobao.com taobao.com shopping online, mobile phone TBW, taobao.com, taobao.com taobao.com Mens, spring 2010 dress, Taobao taobao.com page" choose selectively write down these words for example: taobao.com!, home, women, shopping mall, Taobao! 5-8 is the most appropriate keywords, the keywords to see their choice, and then their combination!


two, how to add the content of the website? How much is the most appropriate


also take the "Taobao" keyword,

site is not on the line before, you can put all the content you add, including the name of the web site, keywords, description, and then add some pseudo original content and title containing " taobao.com, home, women, shopping, mall, taoba" key words article, add dozens on the line!

has a point to note, you need to put the following you add the caption of the information on the web site, you can Taobao customer related advertising, put selective: Taobao crown book stores, Taobao sells goods and so on, this information is best a manual to add, do not directly call the Taobao customer links. Manually add benefits in providing intuitive shopping service for users, mainly recommend some good shops or merchandise for the user, or the user to your site will be very blind, so that to reduce the turnover rate of


three, all the content of the site OK, then we began to send some links to the outside world, remember not to go to Baidu and GOOGLE submitted to the site, so no effect,


after about a week, you will find that your website will appear in Baidu or GOOGLE before two pages! Baidu and GOOGLE of the time is not uniform, according to my experience, Baidu first to bring a lot of.

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