Talk about the click incentive code at the URL station and the URL station

A few days ago

Google bought 265, like when Baidu acquired hao123, to the domestic web site and a shot in the arm. Now that Google has been on the hot list for so long, I’m surprised to have to buy 265.

think carefully, it is not difficult to find, and now to a no longer need to repeat the invention wheel. As a technician, many frameworks are often used to improve programming efficiency, such as writing JavaScript programs, developing PHP with prototype or jQuery, using symfony, and developing ruby with rails. A friend of mine called it "standing on the shoulders of giants to urinate farther". Please forgive me for forgetting what Newton said. Ha.

"the world is very poor, and its source is flowing from one", the acquisition of 265, indicating that 265 is far better than the Google wheel. Flow does not need to say, 265 websites in the domestic small and medium-sized webmaster’s influence and appeal is Google hot list can’t go beyond. The news that Google would like to use 265 of the resources to promote the Google Adsense and Google Adwords paid advertising service, Baidu advertising auction left farther, this is something.

as early as hao123 created the first myth, domestic web sites sprang up like mushrooms, and their faces were almost alike. Perhaps hao123 is simply the impact of the truth, the station site function is too single, innovative features rarely. There are two hearsay, on the understanding of hao123 and Baidu before Robin Li, there is a message, hao123 paid for its home in Beijing many Internet bar computer desktop! Although it is hearsay, we can see that the site must have their own resources and advantages.

some time ago, I wrote a "talk about links",, interested friends can see. It mentioned "click incentive" measures on the website station. This function also appears in many brothers. Station, when you open a list of URLs, logical display sequence and are usually not the same, it is not in accordance with the website time inverted, but according to the last time to enter the URL from the website of the inverted station. In this way, those included in the site in order to make their "appearance" opportunities to increase, there will be nothing, click on the URL of the station, obviously this is win-win. Later, some friends added me as a friend, I want that line of code. In the spirit of sharing, I still stick it out, we explore together.

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