Wave no talk domain name by Baidu hair after remedial measures

usually webmaster website domain name will be in addition to buy the domain name and start making website Baidu screen, but it takes a long time to maintain and update the flesh, no trace of the wave by Baidu screen name is K on the remedial measures.

1, self-examination and wall reflection. Why doesn’t K others website, your website is K. (exclude pornographic websites, it is necessary to K)? Think of yourself is a violation of the relevant provisions of Baidu and Baidu included rankings, web site keywords, use a large amount of accumulation of collector is not updated, search engine oriented and non users and so on. I believe that Baidu in a way that is absolutely fair, if you want to continue to stay in Baidu, Baidu must understand, grasp the rules of Baidu.

2, hair points are K pages, and rights down. A few days ago a friend using a popular keywords do visits 80 thousand IP every day, the first is always cheerful and confident to show off, the second day at nine twenty in the evening is right down to the website with the domain name ranking in N pages. Is it cool? It’s been two days. Webmaster, it’s long-term interests to do web work. Of course, I explain why his site here will be right down rather than total feathers, according to my observation, his website is using keywords optimization and normal control is in place, some friends will ask, why would be artificial drop right? So, friends, a good understanding of Baidu ranking rules. What Baidu says is clear: the traffic that gets from Baidu is too big, 1 will disappear from Baidu search result 2, produce competition with Baidu website, will disappear from Baidu search result.

3, adding blacklist and rights reduction measures. If your station is the old domain name is K (blacklist), please modify the content of the website and get rid of all the manual optimization (including the content, the nature of the site and so on are need to check and modify), if it is right to be reduced, first need to constantly update the original, increase the site outside the chain, do not use the acquisition or false original, otherwise it will be completely K.

4, a few months after the correction, you can send EMAIL to Baidu, and write clearly how to rectify and remedy the process. The waves stick out their EMAIL:[email protected] here. (here, writing letters on the basis of everyone, how touched, how to write ah?. Ha ha)

5, do stand, such as a man, I hope you still steadfast, step by step to the operation and maintenance of the site. Don’t ruin a website for a moment of pleasure. (text: wave no trace source site: http://s.www.dyokk.com/ reprint please keep this line)

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