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"design thinking" series of articles, began writing third articles today. Jimmy is not a professional web designer, but Jimmy will do its best to this series of articles written, as far as possible to their practical experience and experience summary in the process to tell you that I hope to give you a harvest, a little inspiration. If there are different opinions in the article, you are welcome to write a letter and send a letter to [email protected] Thank you.

we learned about locating website themes and establishing the CI image of our website in the first two articles. Should I enter the substantive design stage?. Experience tells us that the establishment of a website like to write an article, the first to draw up the outline, clearly, the theme can clear; or than to build a tower, the first to design a good framework to make drawings, building a reasonable structure.

Beginners (including myself): the easiest mistake to make is to start making the subject immediately. When you are finished page by page, it is found that the website structure is not clear, and the contents are numerous and jumbled. As a result, not only does the browser look confused, but it’s also quite difficult for you to expand and maintain your web site. Your website may have to give up halfway, and what’s worse: you lost confidence and interest in making home pages!


so, before we start making a web page, we must consider the following three aspects:

1. identifies columns and sections;

2. determines the directory structure and link structure of a web site

3. to determine the overall style of the website, creative design,

today, let’s talk about the website and the section of the website first".

After the theme of the

site is determined, I believe you have collected and organized a number of relevant information content. You must think these are the best and definitely attract web users to visit the site. But did you put the best and most attractive content in the most prominent position? Did you let the good things absolutely dominate the layout?

I see a lot of personal home pages (the main menu), which is not the case. For example: there is a site to provide animated material for the theme, and its main column is: on the webmaster, the station navigation, animation treasure house, site forum, this site message book, contact the webmaster. On the front page is the website address and copyright statement (and also the word "home station"). The most important, the most fascinating animation material in the main column accounted for 1/6, in the first page of the word did not mention. I think even if this site does have a large number of exquisite animation material, it is difficult to attract visitors continue to tap.

The essence of the

column is the outline index of a website. The index should show the main body of the website clearly. In formulating the column, we should carefully consider and make reasonable arrangements. The general website column arrangement should pay attention to the following aspects:

1. must remember to keep track of your topic,


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